Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Multi Gym Review

Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Multi Gym Review

(AKA - the Tunturi WT80 below)

Just to clarify why a musician & truth seeker is reviewing home gym equipment.

Some time ago (around the year 2006) I stopped playing cover songs & studied to become a fitness instructor by day,  so that I could concentrate on fatherhood, songwriting & recording/production in my spare time.  Eventually qualifying to teach GYM, Body-pump & some other things as well,  but soon felt overwhelmingly compelled gave it up - to play live, original music - with absolutely no regrets.  Though I do still train but nowadays it's with somewhat heavier weights.

So here's my review of the Marcy Pro PM4400.

Firstly, my only regret is not ordering this a lot sooner. This machine makes heavy duty, home alone training safe - in so many ways. The sheer quality is impressive throughout & it makes so many things possible for the solo home trainer.

Squats: The bar allows some forward/backward movement which makes the plane of motion less like a machine & more like a barbell squat - but with the safety of a machine. This is important because the vast majority of weight-training injuries occur when using barbells & dumbells.

You can load up heavy with confidence & not worry. 

Chest Press: A lot of athletes & bodybuilders have abandoned the barbell bench press, because of the possible hazards not only from training without a 'spotter' but also because lowering the bar too much can lead to serious shoulder injuries. This is not a problem with the Marcy, because you can set the lowest point before you even start, & proceed to press as heavy as you can handle. 

Shoulder Press: You can do military press with this machine, but you can also swivel the bench to one side, connect the bar & do a standing shoulder press - a much more functional move, especially because of the (already mentioned) forward/backward movement this bar allows. 

Triceps: This bar also makes Triceps Pushdowns very good on the Marcy, but you can also position yourself between the bench press handles & do downward triceps extensions (like you might do with dip bars) only (again) you can set the highest position to ensure shoulder safety. 

Biceps: Also surprisingly good with the connectable bar, & unlike traditional multi-gyms, all these exercises are totally friction-free. It's worth mentioning also that all the Powertec Arm Curl, Leg Developer & other accessories fit this marcy bench perfectly, so this opens up other possibilities as well. 

Overall: I haven't covered all the exercises, but I will say that this machine is whisper quiet & silky smooth. Some seriously thorough consideration has been put into the design of this Marcy & so it can do a lot, & it does it all very well indeed. 

Lastly: Smith machine systems are really the only alternative to a system like this, but they are inferior in a number of ways. They take up a lot more space, they don't move as freely, you need to spend a bit to get a good, safe one & they're more of a hazard if you have children. They also have a rigid plane of motion for the main 'Smith' exercises, so you'll need to spend even more on a huge Smith/Jones machine to get the three dimensional movement that this Marcy already gives you - & why would you when the Marcy is way more compact? 

Take it from me - a level 3 qualified fitness instructor with 35 years training experience ...if you want safe, friction-free, heavy duty home training - this Marcy Pro PM-4400 is about the best thing on the market right now, in terms of functionality, quality & value for money. 

It CAN be used with standard 1" weights (if you don't attach the Olympic sleeves) but I would say Olympic weights are better for quietness (sleeves are plastic but the under bars are metal) & because it's easier to find Tri-grip Olympic plates, which are easier to lift & hold - so less likely likely to drop on your foot. 

So yes - if you want quick results for your hard work with a sturdy & versatile multi-gym system, I would definitely recommend the Marcy PM-4400. It's a system you can upgrade & you're never likely to grow out of.